ZippyString®️ by Lunex

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 Voted #1 Most Addicting Gadget 🌌  

The ZippyString  ® shoots the string in any direction you choose. Get creative and use your hands to make it go in any direction. 

It comes with a rechargeable battery.  Just plug it in when it needs a charge, and you are good to go again.

How to use:

1)     Load a string
2)     Aim ZippyString® away from you
3)     Press the button
4)     Have fun & get creative

The #1 Rated Gadget of 2021

Since ZippyString emulates your movement, there are endless possibilities.  And endless possibilities = endless fun.  You will be amazed at what you can immediately do with a ZippyString. 

Attention: We are going viral and have very few left. Place your order now to secure a ZippyString® before we sell out.