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    Transforms Anything Hollow into a Speaker! 

    LunexPod™, a DIY sound experience, place it on different surfaces such as plastics storage box, glass, wooden desk can provide you various sound effects.
    Features advanced BT 5.0 chip supporting Bluetooth connection. Quality sound effect, full bass and loud treble. Battery up to 7 - 8 hours playing time after 1 hour fully charged.
    The LunexPod also used as FM radio allows you to listen to music, follow podcast, have one-on-one phone conversations or conference calls, and even enjoy an amazing sound experience of your playing games, videos or movies on your device.

    ✔️Turns Anything Hollow into a Speaker! 

    ✔️Fits In Your Pocket

    ✔️Made For All Ages

    ✔️Bluetooth Connects To Any Device
    "Delivery was Super-fast. I bought this for my children and they "LOVED IT". Now we make anything into a speaker constantly and my children love to dance to this every night! You can put this speaker on anything you like this is a Wonderful thing! "
    -John Snow


    1. Plugin my LunexPod for about 1 hours, charge last about 7 - 8 hours

    2. Connect LunexPod to anything in you desire

    3. Play anything you like into LunexPod , Endless possibilities.

    Attention: due to high demand and going viral on social media, get your speaker now to ensure you get yours before we run out of stock.


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    recent reviews


    Honestly thought it was bs at first. But then guys started approaching me and there's no way that's a coincidence. ALSO SMELLS AMAZING

    Los Angeles, CA

    I don't know why people are shocked it works lol. It's basic chemistry men love women pheromones. simple.

    Denver, CO

    One of the bottles came cracked so they sent me 5 FREE BOTTLES... This stuff really does work btw

    New York City, NY

    Im a science teacher. Yes this stuff works. Im married I just use it because it smells good.

    Compton, CA

    Shipped very fast & smells extremely good. I can't tell you if it work I barely leave my house LMAO.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL