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Important Notice: Flypr® is going viral on social media and is almost SOLD OUT. As of now the product is still IN STOCK but we are expecting it to be out of stock shortly. Click ADD TO CART to purchase before we sell out.

"I struggled ALOT with fidgeting, losing focus, and getting anxious while at school. Flypr helps me calm down and destress, making it easier to get my work done. I can't thank you guys enough!!❤️" - Lisa C.

🧠 Stimulate Focus & Concentration

🥰 Effortlessly Relieve Stress & Anxiety

✍️ Boost Productivity At School & Work

🎒 Super Portable & Fits In Your Pocket

🔗 Made With High-Grade Metal Alloy


No matter what you are going through, everyone could use a Flypr®!

Why? Well, it's simple...

Flypr® is a unique fidget that helps you destress on the go!

People use fidgets every single day to help regain focus, relieve stress, and calm anxiety.

It's designed to ensure a peaceful mind and help increase happiness levels.
With a little bit of math, physics, and astounding craftsmanship, we've created a way to make Flypr® the longest flipping fidget in the world- all it takes is one push!


We all know how important focus and productivity is in school and at work, but sometimes the struggle is real.

Flypr® can mean the difference between being unfocused and achieving a deep-focus state of mind.

Your mind is a muscle, use Flypr® to make it stronger!



Q: What is Flypr® made from?

A: Each Flypr® is crafted with high-grade, long-lasting, incredibly durable zinc alloy, guaranteed to hold it's remarkable quality thousands of flip slater.

Q: How far does Flypr® flip?

A: It usually travels between 2-5ft depending on the surface, but it also depends on your flipping skill and technique!

Q: How loud is Flypr®?

A: Depending on the surface, Flypr® can be loud. Try using solid surfaces instead of hollow surfaces, if that still doesn't work, use a mousepad to dampen the noise level drastically!

Q: What's included in the box?

A: 1x Flypr®

Q: Where do you ship?

A: We ship to all countries worldwide!

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: Shipping is completely free!